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What is IPM?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a process to properly identify plant pests and diseases, and recommend the best management strategies with a focus on solutions that are gentle on beneficial insects, non-target organisms, and the environment.

My goal is to educate customers of the more environmentally-conscious solutions to pests or diseases that may be present for Nursery, Greenhouse, and CEA Growers, Medical Cannabis & Hemp Growers, or Landscape Managers, HOA's and Commercial Properties.

My Services include:

Scouting – I will thoroughly examine your crops on a regular basis, properly identify plant pests, and make appropriate management suggestions that will help reduce plant loses and improve quality. 

Training & Consulting – I will train you/your staff to properly identify plant pests and collect accurate data from sticky cards, traps, and tap testing. The client-collected data and observations will be evaluated during weekly or bi-weekly meetings or conference calls.

One-Time Consulting – I will provide a one-time, onsite visit to thoroughly investigate a specific plant problem, properly diagnose pests, and provide an effective management strategy. (Remote support is also available.) 

Optional addition of insectary plantings and bluebird nesting boxes to attract and support naturally occurring beneficial insects and native birds to aid in plant pest control. 

*All client data is kept confidential* 

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