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Your Plant Doctor is IN!

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I am a certified Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Scout and Consultant with over 10 years of experience, providing IPM Services to Nursery, Greenhouse, and CEA Growers, Medical Cannabis & Hemp Growers, and Landscape Managers.

My custom IPM programs help clients reduce costs and exposure while improving efficacy. This is accomplished by properly identifying plant pests and problems that reduce crop quality and yield, understanding insect and disease life cycles, and providing effective management strategies that will be implemented at the proper time.

The successful use of these programs will reduce the use of harsh chemicals and run-off-related issues. It will increase worker safety, promote beneficial organisms, and improve environmental health.

My Services

Nursery, Greenhouse, and CEA Growers

Nursery, Greenhouse, and CEA Growers

IPM Services for trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, cut flowers, tropicals, fruits, vegetables, and conservatory collections. 

Landscape Managers

Landscape Managers

IPM Services for Landscape Managers, HOA's, and Commercial properties. 


Medical Cannabis & Hemp Growers

IPM Services for controlled environment, greenhouse and nurseries. 



Schedule a Presentation

Schedule a presentation with me to learn more about Horticulture and the IPM industry.

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