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Landscape Managers, HOA's and Commercial Properties

To learn more about my IPM Scouting and Consulting Services, please fill out the form below.  I will contact you promptly via email or phone.


My IPM programs help clients reduce costs and exposure while improving efficacy. This is accomplished by properly identifying plant pests and problems that reduce crop quality and yield, understanding insect and disease life cycles, and providing effective management strategies that will be implemented at the proper time.

Successful use of this program leads to a reduction in the use of harsh chemicals and run-off-related issues. It will increase worker safety, promote beneficial organisms, and improve environmental health. 

*All client data is kept confidential* 


IPM Scouting & Consulting Packages Include:

  • Weekly or Bi-weekly scheduled visits.

  • Visual inspection of plant materials.

  • Use of sticky cards, lures & traps, as appropriate.

  • Proper identification of insects, both beneficials and pests.

  • Proper identification of diseases.

  • Risk assessment of pest populations.

  • Supporting documentation about target pests.

  • Suggested control solutions (cultural, mechanical, biological, chemical, or a combination thereof).

  • Evaluation of the efficacy of the control measures applied.

  • Year-end summary of pests, projected monitoring & control strategies for future grower seasons.​

One-Time IPM Consultations Include:

  • Communication via phone calls, virtual meetings, texts,  and/or emails. ​

  • Receipt, testing, and evaluation of plant and/or pest samples for proper ID or confirmation.

  • Receipt and processing of media samples. 

  • Client-specific management strategies; cultural, mechanical, biological, and chemical. 

  • General research as applicable. 


IPM Service Inquiry

Thank you!I will contact you promptly via email or phone.

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