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Medical Cannabis & Hemp Growers

To learn more about my IPM Scouting and Consulting Services, please fill out the form below.  I will contact you promptly via email or phone.


I provide a variety of IPM services to fit your growing needs. Choose from an on-site regular scouting & consulting package, a team training & consulting package, or a one-time consultation to address a specific plant problem (either virtually or in-person). 

As an experienced Integrated Pest Management (IPM) consultant, I know how critical it is to develop an effective pest management strategy for medical cannabis and hemp cultivation. With my specialized expertise in IPM, I will help you mitigate pest infestations in a sustainable manner while reducing the use of harmful chemicals.

I provide tailored IPM solutions for medical cannabis and hemp growers, helping them maintain a high-quality yield and comply with regulations. By working closely with you, we will develop a customized IPM plan that addresses your specific needs and environmental factors. Together, we will protect your crops from pests and disease, ensuring a successful harvest.

*All client data is kept confidential* 


IPM Scouting & Consulting Packages Include:

  • Weekly or Bi-weekly scheduled visits.

  • Visual inspection of plant materials.

  • Use of sticky cards, lures & traps, as appropriate.

  • Proper identification of insects, both beneficials and pests.

  • Proper identification of diseases.

  • Risk assessment of pest populations.

  • Supporting documentation about target pests.

  • Suggested control solutions (cultural, mechanical, biological, chemical, or a combination thereof).

  • Evaluation of the efficacy of the control measures applied.

  • Optional addition of insectary plantings to attract and support naturally occurring beneficial insects to aid in plant pest control. 

  • Year-end summary of pests, projected monitoring & control strategies for future grower seasons.​

IPM Team Training & Consulting Packages Include:

Staff Training - I will train you/your staff how to properly identify plant pests and collect accurate data from sticky cards, traps, and tap testing. This data is critical to the effectiveness of our consulting partnership.

Consulting (Virtual or In-Person) - We will establish weekly or bi-weekly regularly scheduled virtual meetings or conference calls to evaluate client-collected data and observations. I will provide specific pest management strategies, general crop advice, and scouting resources specific to your team’s and crop’s needs.

One-Time IPM Consultations Include:
  • Communication via phone calls, virtual meetings, texts, and/or emails. 

  • Receipt, testing, and evaluation of plant and/or pest samples for proper ID or confirmation.

  • Receipt and processing of media samples.

  • Client-specific management strategies; cultural, mechanical, biological, and chemical.

  • General research as applicable. 


IPM Service Inquiry

Thank you!I will contact you promptly via email or phone.

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