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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Testimonials

“Working with Heather for the past five years has been a constant delight and a wonderful, consistent learning experience. Heather is highly knowledgeable and experienced, but also proactive in identifying and addressing complex and challenging issues in the garden. She will investigate your garden like a forensic scientist – with loups, cameras, soil and plant tests, and a vast catalog of information and contacts. She has provided enormous help to us in identifying and remedying plant problems, as well as helping to guide us in maintaining and protecting our garden. Her knowledge of insects and the damage they can cause, soil issues, and plant and tree diseases never ceases to amaze us. She is incredibly personable and completely reliable. She is also a born teacher with lots of patience and eager to share her knowledge.


If you love your garden and want to do everything possible to keep it in top shape, you need Heather — and you will enjoy every minute of your time working with her and learning from her.”

~ Reid Figal
Windmuller, LLC.


“I had the pleasure of having Heather scout over 300 acres at Architect of the Capitol in DC. Heather exceeded my expectations and provided much-needed education diagnosis and training for our staff. Her knowledge and passion for agriculture are truly unmatched. Overall, I was very pleased with the deliverables, professionalism, and attention to detail, Heather definitely improved the quality of our landscape and operators.”

~ Dr. Megan Wilkerson, Ph. D.


“Heather and her company, The Soulful Gardener, partnered with Grow West Cannabis Co. in 2021. They have elevated our IPM to truly professional levels. We have grown and expanded our program and couldn’t be happier with the level of service, advice, application of knowledge, and attention to detail TSG has brought to Grow West. The commitment to the project and dedication is unparalleled. Heather truly takes pride in her work and pride in a job well done.”

~ Skye Hissey
Cultivation Manager
Grow West Cannabis Co.


“I met Heather when she was hired as an independent IPM consultant at my place of business, and her professionalism and knowledge made a lasting first impression. Heather had many procedures already in place and adapted them almost effortlessly to fit the needs of the company and the people she was working with. Communication was excellent and she was always available for questions and ready to do her part to make the partnership successful.

Since then I have joined with her and many other professional women in a non-profit networking group she founded called Ladies in the Landscape. This group offers educational seminars, tours, and brainstorming/networking for women in the horticulture industry to help each other with continued and future success. Always a pleasure to work with Heather and I look forward to a long and continued relationship in the industry.”

~ Daria Andrejak
Head Grower,
Cavano’s Perennials, Location 2


“I highly recommend Heather Zindash for her outstanding work in providing integrated pest management services for our property. Heather has been instrumental in ensuring the vitality of the vegetation across our extensive 50+ acre landscaping area.

Heather’s expertise and dedication shine through in her meticulous approach to integrated pest management. Further, her deep knowledge of plants and pests, coupled with her proactive strategies, has significantly contributed to the health and longevity of our landscaping. Under her care and partnership with AMG, our vegetation has flourished, and we have seen a remarkable improvement in the overall appearance of our property.

Beyond her technical skills, Heather is a pleasure to work with. Her professionalism, reliability, and strong work ethic shine through in all interactions. I have confidence in Heather’s abilities and believe that her expertise would be an invaluable asset to any organization or individual seeking top-notch integrated pest management services.”

~ Danielle Adams,
    Director, Campus Experience
    AstraZeneca, Gaithersburg

“Heather Zindash serves as the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) consultant for the Westchester apartment complex (a cooperative) in NW Washington, DC.  The Westchester is a 500+ unit, 10-acre site built in the late 1920’s on Cathedral Avenue.  One of Heather’s most important accomplishments is creating a better understanding of the value of IPM among the grounds committee, the board of directors, and management staff.  Heather’s oversight and coordination of the work of several contractors who provide landscaping and tree maintenance services to the Westchester is a primary factor in our movement toward more sustainable practices for lawns, landscape plants, rain gardens, and our sunken garden (a managed area at the center of our campus where flowers and shrubs provide beauty and comfort).  One excellent example of Heather’s guidance is the improved mosquito management at the Westchester.  Regular observations of mosquito habits, reduction of standing water, and the application of targeted bacterial insecticides have led to far fewer mosquito complaints, even though our residents are using the campus more during the COVID pandemic, and while the rainfall this year is much above normal. As a member of the grounds committee, I am very satisfied with Heather’s contribution to our community.”

~ Neal Fitzpatrick

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