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I am a local speaker who has lectured at numerous professional organizations, businesses,  and special interest groups.


I am a lifelong gardener, Maryland Master Gardener, Maryland Master Naturalist,  Certified Professional Horticulturalist, Certified ISA Arborist, Medical Cannabis Agent/Consultant, and an independent Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Scout and Consultant.

Below is a list of current Presentations. Topics can be combined to create a series for your group. Special requests are welcome.

*Virtual presentations are also available*


Speaking Topics:

  • Successful Landscape Management in a Warming World (CEU

  • IPM and the Diagnostic Process (CEU

  • Assessing your BCA’s (Biological Control Agents) (CEU

  • Shifting to Biological Controls (CEU

  • CSI Maryland: Using IPM Diagnostics to Solve Plant Mysteries (CEU

  • You Can't Judge a Bush by its Color: Using IPM in the Landscape (CEU

  • Blooms, Birds, and Bugs - Creating an Ecosystem to Support Beneficials

  • Sustainable Gardening Practices 

  • No-till or Lasagna Gardening 

  • Gardening with 20/20 Vision: Quality Gardening Techniques

  • How will our Climate Change our Home Gardening Practices

  • Boxwood Blight and Other Problems (CEU

  • Understanding the Spotted Lanternfly (CEU

  • Gardening, It's for the Birds

  • Tips and Tricks to Attract Hummingbirds to your Garden

  • Bluebirds: How to Support Native Cavity-Nesting Birds

  • Common Garden Bugs

  • Gardening for Butterflies

  • Pollinator-Friendly Garden Design & Practices

  • How to Create a Backyard Oasis

  • How to Create a Backyard Habitat

  • Gardening to Attract Wildlife

  • Gardening with Native Plants

 CEU  - Eligible for Continuing Education Units 

Schedule a Presentation

Thank you!I will contact you promptly via email or phone.

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